How to Make Solar Panels at Home

How to Make Solar Panels at Home How to Make Solar Panels at HomeLooking for information about how to make solar panels at home? You have come to the right site! I have been working tirelessly to show people how to make solar panels at home, and my efforts have resulted in a new,  better and more comprehensive page, called how to build your own solar panel.

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If you would just like to have a simple, easy read about making solar panels at home, read on! First of all, if you have been thinking about making solar panels at home but have been worrying about the project’s level of difficulty, stop worrying.

There are many detailed guides that explain step by step how to make solar panels at home. We’ll cover the basics here, so you can see just how easy it really is.

how to make solar panels tools for making solar panels 300x225 How to Make Solar Panels at HomeThe materials needed to make solar panels at home are quite common, aside from the solar panel parts themselves. They include glue, solder, plastic sheeting, wire, a bit of lumber, some silicone caulking, a splash of black paint, and some screws and bolts.

In regards to tools, you’ve probably already got what you need, a set of screwdrivers, a pair of wire cutters, a saw, and a soldering iron. Having the tools and materials, you just need a bit of instruction in regards to how to make solar panels at home.

The most difficult—and important—part of your project is sourcing your solar cells. As they are not common in local hardware stores, you’ll probably have to buy them from an Internet vendor. As with most purchases, you’ll have a bit of research to do.

You can buy broken solar cells, cheap “B” grade solar cells, or “A” grade cells. Which ones you buy really just depends on why you want to build a solar panel at home. Are you just having fun with the kids, or are you planning on powering your home with an array of DIY solar panels? Obviously, the more serious you are, the better quality cells you’ll want to get.

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Once you have your solar cells, figuring out how to make solar panels at home is simple. Basically, you just construct a housing box, insert your cells into it, and then link them together in a series. You’ll get the best results if you paint your housing unit black, which will help your cells absorb reflected heat energy. Seal up the back of your housing unit with silicone caulking and the front of your unit with a Plexiglas lid, ensuring that your panel is protected from the elements. Again, if you want to see more detailed instructions, head over to my how to build your own solar panel page.

To affix your cells to your backing board, just use a small amount of caulking applied to the rear of each cell. When wiring up your cells, be sure to install your diodes to ensure that your electricity doesn’t back up. These diodes will prevent energy loss when darkness sets in. Also, if you prefer, you can control the flow of electricity by installing a charge control device on your storage batteries. If you are wiring up more than one panel, be sure to read my article called, How to Wire Solar Panels: Parallel Vs Series Configurations.

Before mounting your solar panel, make sure it is properly insulated, which will help avoid rain damage. Don’t worry too much, though, about repairs. Once you have learned how to make solar panels at home, you will be an expert at making any repairs that may be necessary in the future. Also, make sure you read my installing solar panels page BEFORE beginning to build one. There is important safety information in there that you don’t want to miss.

As you can see, building a solar panel at home is not overly complicated. In fact, once you complete your research and then order and receive your components, you can have your panel assembled and ready to go in one fun weekend.

I hope this how to make solar panels at home introduction has encouraged you to get out there and start a fun new project. Not only is building a solar panel simple and fun, but it also enables you to create your own source of clean and green energy! And remember, for a better guide, head over to my new how to build your own solar panel page.

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