Home Wind Power Systems

This page is going to describe what exactly a complete home wind power system includes. If you are looking for wind turbine building instructions, please head over to my How to Make a Wind Turbine at Home Page.

Okay, what is a complete home wind power system? First, we have the wind turbine itself, which consists of a set of blades, a motor, and a tail assembly. There are complete books written on different types of wind turbines, and we don’t have time to get into all of them here.

I’ll just mention that they range from rather large turbines that can easily generate enough power for your entire home to small DIY wind turbines that people use to charge computers and cell phones and things of that nature.

Charge controller to keep your batteries safe.

Next we have the battery system. Many people think that car batteries are good to use for home wind power systems. They are not. Car batteries are designed to crank out a huge amount of power for very short bursts of time. If you use car batteries in you home wind power system, you will destroy them.

What you want are deep cycle batteries, like marine batteries or the ones used in golf carts. These batteries are designed to be fully charged, run down, and then charged up again.

Next is the charge controller. Charge controllers are a very important component of any home wind power system. The purpose of a charge controller is to protect your batteries from being overcharged.

Charge controllers work by monitoring the voltage of your batteries. When the voltage drops below a certain level, the charge controller allows the batteries to take a charge. When the volts are above certain level, the charge controller diverts the power being created by your wind turbine away from the batteries.

What does it do with that power? Well, that depends on how you set up your system. The best thing to do with it is to have a secondary load, like an extra set of batteries or, for example, a hot water heater.

Finally, don’t forget that you’ll need a blocking diode. A blocking diode is wired in between your wind turbine and your battery bank, and it keeps energy from flowing from your batteries to your turbine motor.

Blocking diode to keep your current flowing in one direction, from your turbine to your batteries.

Without a blocking diode, the power in your batteries would travel out to your turbine motor, spinning it round and round. With a diode, energy goes just one way, from your turbine to your batteries.

That’s basically it! There are extra parts such as wiring and fuses and things, but those are not specific to home wind power systems, just basic wiring parts.

If you would like to see some wind generator plans, just head over to my review wind generator plans page. Or, if you’d like to look around a bit more, I suggest you head over to the How to Make a Wind Turbine at Home page.

Also, if you are planning to use a wind turbine get off the grid, I suggest that you give another one of my articles a read. It’s called Completing a Home Energy Audit.

And now here is a bit of fun and interesting information about home wind power systems.

Long ago home wind power systems were the go-to renewable energy generators. Actually, they were the only way rural ranchers out West could generate power at all. These home wind power systems were low-tech but worked well enough to pump drinking water to entire herds of thirsty cattle.

As time past, however, the grid out West began expanding and reaching the more rural areas. The cheap power they brought with them slowly put an end to the inefficient wind power systems of the day.

Today, however, people have gone full circle, having a strong desire to get off the grid. Some are looking for energy independence. Others are looking for a way curb the costs of rising fossil fuels. Many are looking for a way to generate electricity that does not pollute and damage the environment.

All of these people can benefit from using home wind power systems. Why? Well…


Click Here Now to Get Detailed Home Wind Power System Blueprints that Anyone Can Follow.

Major power producing entities have yet to jump back on the wind-power train. This is primarily due to a lack of space; it requires a lot of land to house commercial wind turbines. This isn’t a problem for individual homeowners, however.

As long as you have an acre or so of land, you have room to build and install a large home wind power system. In fact, the government is encouraging people to do just that. They are encouraging people by offering tax breaks and other subsidies to those who install these systems.

There are more advantages to home wind power systems. For example, if you generate more electricity than you need, you can sell your excess back to your utility company. Also, generating your own power with a renewable source lowers your carbon footprint. In addition, you’ll never again be affected by power blackouts or grid problems.

Today’s wind turbines are advanced pieces of machinery. The noise and vibration inherent in older systems are thing of the past. New blades are swift, smooth, and quiet, as well as being efficient and productive. Many people even install them on their rooftops.

To find out if there is enough wind in your area to operate a home wind power system, just check out the US Department of Energy statistics for your area. You can also check with local weather stations, or get an anemometer and measure wind speeds on your own.

Home wind power systems make great DIY projects. Just buy a set of detailed plans, do a bit of hardware shopping, and start building. You do not have to be a qualified electrician to build a wind turbine, although you may want to use one when you wire your turbine up to your house.

Fossil fuels, despite being filthy, are going the way of the dodo bird, and as their supplies dwindle, energy prices are going to rise dramatically. I say it’s best to get the jump on them and go for energy independence now.

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