Generate Your Own Electricity

Generate Your Own Electricity Generate Your Own ElectricityIt is no secret that supplies of fossil fuels are dwindling rapidly. This fact has both governments and citizens scrambling to find new ways to generate electricity. The question that needs to be answered immediately is, “Should you use fossil fuels until they run out, or should you generate your own electricity now. The answer is clear.

It’s time to say goodbye to fossil fuels. Before we do, though, we here at Make Energy Now would like to extend a sincere thank you to our old friend. Fossil fuels, you were the catalyst for the industrial revolution. You gave us planes, trains and automobiles. You have been dug up, drilled out, and set on fire, and you never faltered nor complained. You brought heating into my home. You allowed me to do burnouts in my first car, a 1967 Camaro.

You are largely responsible for the quality of life I enjoy today. Sadly, though, you are running out, and toxic, which means my kids are at risk of losing the opportunity to do burnouts (wait, maybe that’s not such a bad thing). In any case, it is time to move on with new types of fuels. Good-bye, fossil fuels, and thank you for all you have done. Now that that’s done, we can move on to discuss why you should generate your own electricity.

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The greatest advantage of generating your own electricity is that it is clean and green, leaving a carbon footprint that is barely even noticeable. Due to this, forward thinking citizens are getting ahead of the pack and converting to renewable sources of energy now. The most popular of these sources are solar and wind power.

A huge benefit of this movement is that more green energy jobs are being created right here in the United States. And as more people buy products to generate their own electricity, more jobs that offer good pay and benefits will be created, and these are jobs that will likely remain here at home.

Another incentive to generate your own electricity is the generous tax credits currently being offered by the federal government. The most aggressive of these tax credits is given to those who install solar panels. These credits can be used for upgrading either commercial or residential properties. At current rates, they account for 30% of the value of an installed solar system.

There is more good news. With renewable energy becoming more accessible, the community of people generating their own electricity is quickly growing. This is a community of people who share an understanding of the importance of having a clean, reliable, renewable source of power. Those who have made the switch to renewable energy often report feeling like they have fulfilled their duty to leave a functioning and healthy planet to their children and grandchildren

This sense of satisfaction is causing green communities to grow into green cities. Leaders of these cities promote the cause by providing information and legislation that increases living efficiency and decreases pollution and environmental damage. Each year National Geographic produces its “Green Guide” and lists the top 10 green cities. Perhaps you can help your city make the list this year!

While the list of benefits for renewable energy is long, there is one major drawback. The $20,000 price tag associated with having, for example, a PV solar system installed at home is quite cost prohibitive. And until that price tag comes down, solar power will be limited, primarily, to those with big bank accounts or to those with handy do-it-yourself skills.