DIY Wind Turbine Plans

DIY Wind Turbine Plans DIY Wind Turbine PlansWelcome to my DIY Wind Turbine Plans page. If you’re looking for wind turbine plans, and are in no mood to mess about, just head over to my Review Wind Turbine Plans page and get what you’re looking for.

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Building a wind turbine is a fun project that can be completed by most do-it-yourself types. You just need some basic tools, a workspace, and a good set of DIY wind turbine plans. Or, if you want an easier project, a wind turbine kit.

If you are looking for a wind turbine kit, these are all pretty good.

Building a wind turbine with a kit like the ones above is fun, and you’re guaranteed to get a wind turbine that runs efficiently and smoothly. That’s great if having a perfect turbine is what you’re after.

If the project itself, though, is just as important as the thing being made, you’ll definitely want to build your wind generator using a set of DIY wind turbine plans. There are many available on the Internet and most offer good step-by-step instructions, complete with videos and diagrams. In case you haven’t made it over to my review wind generator plans page, here are the most popular plans on the market.

Note: the second two sets of plans focus on solar panel plans and include the wind turbine plans as “bonuses,” not as the primary product. This is primarily due to the fact that solar panel plans are more popular than wind turbine plans. Rest assured, though, you get a complete set of plans for building both DIY wind turbines and DIY solar panels.

Earth4Energy DIY Wind Turbine Plans



Free Energy Options DIY Wind Turbine Plans



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These plans give you lots of recommendations in regards to what supplies to buy. Still, though, I’d like to give you some basic information, in case you’re just poking around. First of all, if you haven’t been there yet, I suggest that you head over to my How to Make a Wind Turbine at Home Page. You’ll find tons of detailed information about how to build a wind turbine on your own.

After you’ve given your new wind turbine project the green light, you’ll need to pick a motor. One of the most popular motors for DIY wind turbines is made by Ametek, and a good place to find one is on eBay. I suggest you find a good motor before doing anything else.

In regards to blades, there are many types. Some people craft them out of wood, and, if you are good at working with this material, that may be a good option for you. Other people use composite materials or just buy premade blades. Some do-it-yourself people have learned to craft them out of PVC pipes.

Once you’ve used your DIY wind turbine plans to built a top-notch turbine, you’ll need a stand to mount it on. What kind of stand you’ll use will depend on your particular surroundings. Regardless of your surroundings, though, understand that the higher you get your turbine, the better. The smoothest, most reliable wind will be found well above any nearby structures.

If you’ve got a bit of time, check out this guy’s system. It’s kind of messy, but it seems to work well.

Obviously, it is important that your stand is sturdy. If you don’t want to design your own, you can buy one of the many kits available and just assemble it.

One last note. If you are going to be using your turbine to lower your electricity bill and reduce dependence on fossil fuels, you should first do an energy audit of your house. To do it correctly, read my article Completing a Home Energy Audit. You might be surprised just how much energy you can save by sealing doors and windows, using energy saving lighbulbs, and turning off your appliances and computers when not in use.

The combination of producing your own renewable energy and spending your energy wisely will give you a great sense of independence and control. Some find that limiting themselves to what they can produce makes them appreciate the little things in life that they had previously been taking for granted.

Also, if you do wind up building a wind turbine or solar panels, please take lots of pictures and videos. My next goal with this site is to create a Users Page where we can showcase the work done by you the readers.

To send me pictures and videos, please use my contact page (don’t be shy…we really want to see your handy work).

Thanks for stopping by, and good luck on this and all of your DIY projects!