DIY Wind Generator Plans

DIY Wind Generator Plans DIY Wind Generator PlansIf you’re looking for a new project that is interesting, challenging and practical, get yourself a set of DIY wind generator plans and start building. If you want plans now, check out the sites below. If you’re just poking around, read on.

Earth 4 Energy
Free Energy Options
Green DIY Energy

Or, if you would like to read my review of the top wind generator plans, head over to my Review Wind Generator Plans page.

DIY wind generators are more popular than ever. In fact, they are so popular that the Ametek motors most popular for building them are getting difficult to find (don’t worry, there are plenty of other options).

By the way, be sure to visit my Choosing a Motor page before you head over to eBay and search for a motor–many motors are not suitable for wind turbines. Why are DIY wind generators so popular these days?

Well, maybe because they are fun to build. Maybe because the finished product pays for itself over time by lowering utility bills. Maybe people want energy independence due to diminishing supplies of fossil fuels. Or maybe people are sick of breathing polluted air and want to do their part to cut back on carbon emissions.

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Most likely, it’s a combination of all those things. If you think building a wind generator is a good project for you, you have a choice to make. Do you want to get a set of DIY wind generator plans and build something from scratch, or do you just want to buy a kit.

If you want to buy a kit, you have little research to do. Just find the kit you want, compare prices, and order. When you get it, you’ll just have a basic assembly project to complete.

In fact, I’ll even recommend some good kits for you.

If you want to get a set of DIY wind generator plans and build from scratch, you’ll have to source your parts, which can be fun as well. If you’ve got the tools and skills (and time), you can fabricate every part of a wind generator. For more information on that, head over to my How to Make a Wind Turbine at Home page.

Some people fashion wooden blades that look more like works of art than industrial components. Others just cut and shape PVC pipes. The options for you are quite unlimited, and you’ll get suggestions in whichever set of DIY wind generator plans you buy.

Of course, once you build your wind generator, you’ll have to decide where to mount it. When looking for a spot, keep in mind that the smoothest, most reliable winds are going to be found well above any nearby structures. When mounting, you can buy a separate kit (I included one in the carousel above), or you can build your own.

diy wind generator plans build wind turbine make wind generator ametek motor 300x199 DIY Wind Generator PlansI recommend that you build your own, as you’ll save quite a bit of money. Remember, also, that the DIY wind generator plans I reviewed all include detailed instructions for how to build a good, sturdy stand for your wind turbine.

You can, of course, just mount your generator on your roof, but, as I said, you’ll get better wind if it is up higher. Be sure you are not running afoul of any building codes when you do this.

And while today’s wind generators are very efficient and quiet, you probably don’t want one right next to your bedroom window.

Finally, while your set of DIY wind generator plans will tell you how to wire up your generator, I prefer to leave this last part to an electrician. It’s not too expensive, and it gives me peace of mind. If you are better at completing electrical circuits than me, you can probably just handle it on your own.

When you are finished, you’ll have a great way to lower your electricity bills while using energy that does not pollute the environment, something your kids and grandkids will appreciate.