Review Solar Panel Plans

Looking for solar panel plans but don’t want to wade through a bunch of sales pages? You’re in luck because I have done all the hard work for you. These three sets of solar panel plans are far better than any others on the market, so you need not waste your time researching everything out there.

Note, also, that each of these sets of plans includes a bonus set of plans that show you, in detail, how to build a wind turbine.

Earth 4 Energy

solar panel plans Earth4Energy Best solar panel plans1 Review Solar Panel Plans

Earth 4 Energy has been the reigning champion in the solar panel plans market for years–and for good reason.┬áThe creator of this product, Michael Harvey, really believes in it–and it shows.

solar panel plans earth4energy magazines Review Solar Panel PlansFrom the step-by-step instructions to the wiring diagrams to the video instructions, he’s taken care to provide his customers with the best possible instruction available anywhere.

This product is so far out ahead of the competition that it has even been on TV, as well as featured in the well-respected magazines Popular Science and Popular Mechanics.

Click here to see the Earth 4 Energy solar panel plans.

Green DIY Energy

review solar panel plans Green DIY Energy second best solar panel plans Review Solar Panel Plans

solar panel plans review Green DIY Energy Media Review Solar Panel PlansComing in a close second is the hot newcomer Green DIY Energy. This is a newer product, but it is certainly no less impressive, and the makers of these solar panel plans are committed to quality and improvement (they just released 6 new videos).

These folks are gunning for the top spot, and they just might get if they continue to grow and improve as they are doing now. If you, for some reason, don’t want to go with Earth 4 Energy, you won’t be disappointed buying these plans.

Click here to see the Green DIY Energy solar panel plans.

Free Energy Options

review solar panel plans Free Energy Options 3rd best solar panel plans Review Solar Panel Plans

Rounding out our top three is Free Energy Options. Don’t be put off because this product is in “last” place. Remember, being on this list means it’s a top notch product. The designer of this product, and president of the company, is none other than Alan Hopkins, distinguished mechanical engineer. The man knows what he is doing. Alan hasn’t been in Popular Mechanics or Mother Earth News, but if you like an old-school approach to getting things done, you’ll like this product.

Click here to see the Free Energy Options solar panel plans.

Free Energy Options