Advantages of Domestic Wind Turbines

Advantages of Domestic Wind Turbines Advantages of Domestic Wind TurbinesDomestic wind turbines, along with solar panels, are becoming increasingly popular. Many people, though, aren’t really sure if installing a domestic wind turbine is a good idea for them. In this article I’ll explain the advantages of using them, and I’ll talk about who is most suited for them.

Before I get into that, though, have you visited my home and about pages. If not, and if you’re curious about whose site this is, head over and have a look around.

Okay…the advantages of domestic wind turbines. The advantages differ depending on why you want a wind turbine in the first place. Most regulars on this site are DIY enthusiasts who like to build stuff. If that’s you, the biggest advantage of installing a domestic wind turbine is the project itself.

advantages of domestic wind turbines make wind generator wood wind turbine blades Advantages of Domestic Wind Turbines

These beautiful blades were crafted use hand tools.

Why? There are two reasons. One is because domestic wind turbines are really fun to build. You get to fabricate blades, which, if woodworking is your hobby, can be a project in of itself.

Check out the set of blades over to the left, for example, they were hand carved, pained with a beautiful blue design, and then given a glossy clear coat–they’re beautiful!

Of course, you don’t have to hand carve wooden blades, if that’s not your hobby. You can easily buy a set of used blades off eBay. Or, you can make a simple set of blades yourself using PVC pipe. To see how, jump over to my How to Make a Wind Turbine at Home page and watch the video. Also, PVC pipe blade blueprints are included in these DIY domestic wind generator plans.

advantages of domestic wind turbines build domestic wind turbine domestic wind turbine gears 300x225 Advantages of Domestic Wind Turbines

You don't want to use a complex set of gears like this! I just couldn't pass up this cool picture!

Another reason building a domestic wind turbine is such a great project is because you get to mess about with gears and motors. In fact, one of the most important things about a wind turbine is the motor itself. A wind turbine motor must be able to produce high amounts of energy at low RPMs, unlike the alternator on your car, which runs at very RPMs. Why is this so great?

Well, if your like me, you’ll enjoy learning about different types of electric motors and how they produce electricity in different ways. And if you have a motor that is not suitable for a domestic wind turbine, you can design a system of gears that makes it suitable–everybody likes gears!

Advantages of domestic wind turbines build domestic wind turbine domestic wind turbine motor 300x216 Advantages of Domestic Wind TurbinesNote: It is not recommended that you use complex gearing systems with wind turbines (but, hey, it’s your project).

Finally, it’s always fun to try and build things that serve some useful purpose, and domestic wind turbines, if built right, definitely serve a purpose.

They provide a source of clean, renewable energy that can be used to power the refrigerator in the garage that keeps our beer cold!

And on that note, yes, another advantage of domestic wind turbines is that they can save you some money over time, especially with fossil fuel prices rising steadily. And, yes, if you so desired, you could use a domestic wind turbine to get off the grid completely. As noted on my home page, however, building one small DIY wind turbine is not going to provide enough power for you to give your power company the boot.

If you are serious about getting off the grid, you are going to need a pretty big turbine (and fair bit of space to mount it). If you are thinking in that direction, I suggest that you pop over and read a couple of articles that I have published, Getting off the Grid and Completing a Home Energy Audit.

Click Here to Get DIY Wind Turbine Plans That Anyone Can Follow.

In addition to cutting down or eliminating your electricity costs, a nice domestic wind turbine can add significant value to your home. To find out how much, just contact a local realtor or search the Internet using your local information.

advantages of domestic wind turbines build a domestic wind turbine domestic wind turbine installation  300x181 Advantages of Domestic Wind Turbines

This is a big turbine that will certainly get you off the grid...probably a bit expensive, though.

Of course, saving money isn’t the only benefit of domestic wind turbines. Many say that a desire for energy independence is the best reason to start producing your own power. If you’re in a windy area with lots of space, wind power alone may be enough to meet your energy demands. If you’re in a more urban setting, a combination of wind and solar may do the trick.

Other people, while happy to save money and become energy independent, site helping the environment as the primary reason they switch to wind power. Unlike fossil fuels, which cause great harm to our planet, energy created with domestic wind turbines is clean and green.

People using this clean, renewable energy get great satisfaction knowing that they’re doing their part to pass on to their children and grandchildren a planet that is clean and healthy.

Advantages of domestic wind turbines build domestic wind turbine old domestic wind turbine 1024x768 Advantages of Domestic Wind Turbines

Old windmills like this one were used for pumping water or grinding grain. They are quite beautiful!

So, are domestic wind turbines for you? Well, do you live in an area that gets a fair amount of wind? If you don’t have wind, there is no point in setting up a wind turbine! If your home, for example, is surrounded by tall buildings that block the wind, perhaps solar is a better renewable energy option for you.

If you do have wind, consider how much space you have. The bigger the wind turbine you can install, the more power you can create. If you have an acre or so of land, you have plenty of room for a large wind turbine.

Whether you’re looking to save money, save the planet or give your utility company the boot, building a domestic wind turbine is the way to go. So, if you’ve got wind and you’ve space, get yourself a good set of turbine plans and have at it!

Best of luck on this and all your home DIY projects!

Oh, and if you do build yourself a nice wind turbine, please take lots of pictures and videos. My next goal for this site is to create User’s Page where I can showcase the handy work of the people who make this site great–the readers!

If you’ve got pictures or videos, please use the contact page to send them to me!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

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